Episode 33 Frozen Foods


Inspired by a special request from a faithful listener and fellow practitioner of brotherly arts in the TCW fan community, this episode deals in food… I mean frozen food… because apparently there is a difference.  Never woulda guessed!!!


Episode 32 Comfort Food


This week, the Triple (bypass) Threat discuss some of their favorite comfort foods. We play a game of hypothetical final meal choices at our favorite restrunts (sic), discuss depression or happiness eating strategies, and so much more comfortable stuff. Get cozy with TCW and wash it down with a crisp Diet Coke.


Episode 31 Shootin’ The Sh*ts


On a very special episode, The Freebirds of Podcasting link up to talk a bit about their personal lives. Join us with this peak behind the curtain as we discuss having diarrhea for 8 days, going to Disney World, Surviving R.Kelly, and opening old packs of WCW cards. You won’t find a more finely tuned and focused audio machine than us, BAR ANY!!!


Episode 30 Fast Food Power Rankings Final Round


This is the episode that the people have been waiting for! The blow off to end all blow offs, the bloody steel cage showdown, the be-all-end-all WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP bout! The final four fast food combatants face off and there can be only one winner in this tournament of (flavorful and convenient) death!


Episode 29 Horror Movies


To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the TCW braintrust are fans of horror movies. Who could have possibly guessed that 3 guys aged 35-41 who like fast food, pro wrestling, heavy metal, knocking over shit, and other lucrative ventures would also mutually share a fondness for horror movies? Tune in and take the creepy crawly ride with us on today’s episode.


Episode 28 Fast Food Power Rankings Round 2


WE ARE BACK!!! TCW returns with a complete banger of an episode, the much requested second round of Munch Madness.  Its a damn bloodbath out there as we continue to pit fast food choices against one another to determine the King of Kolesterol, The Titan of Taste, The Salty Sultan… The World Champion of Fast Food! Onward to VICTORY!!!


Happy New Year 2020 From TCW


TCW is coming back in 2020 with brand new hours of pure top quality entertainment. Before we get to that, Josh has a special message for Brian and Brock that he thought the listeners would also appreciate.


Episode 27 Drunking


Alcohol- a true Yin and Yang of a liquid if there ever was one. We have all had our run-ins and whoopsadaisies as well as our share of excellent party decisions under the influence of the old sip-sip.  Today, the boys trade war stories all about the one true national pastime of getting drunk.


Episode 26 Fast Food Power Rankings Round 1


ROUND 1…READY…FIGHT! On Today’s barn burner of an episode, the three of us duke it out (or mostly agree with each other because hanging around people with similar tastes and viewpoints is a major ingredient in quality friendships) over the best fast food in the nation via Josh’s elaborate collegiate bracketing system. No Pizza, no super specific regional, just the heavyweights.  No calorie will be spared in this slaughtersport!!!


Episode 25 The Raw Power of Hostess


Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Cupcakes, Ho-Ho’s… These are a few of our favorite things. Today is Total Tuesday and we are going for it regarding an absolute American powerhouse, Hostess. Lil Debbie and Entemann’s are touched on as well but the bulk goes to the Hulk. Hail Hostess and its undeniable RAW POWERRRRRRR!!!!!


Episode 24 Pro Wrestling Is Important


We do a couple for the studio system and then we get to do one for ourselves.  This week The Tremendous Totals lace up those boots and go to a one hour time limit on how important the SPORT OF SPORTS PRO WRESTLING is to us as friends, citizens, and human beings.  Brian blades while they record for the believability.


Episode 23 Our TV Programming


Thanks to an absolute banger of an idea given to us by the one and only War Crazed Zulu (WCZ henceforth for brevity), the TCW contingency will be programming our own TV Networks. 3 of the finest soon-to-be cable package tentpoles are on full discussion today so whenever Sinclair or Viacom wants to get in touch, we are open to deal making.


Episode 22 A Breakfast Journey


The Triple Egg Triple Meat Denver Omelet of podcasts returns with a tight little episode about the (arguably) most important meal of the day.  So here we come chopped, covered, smothered, chunked, and capped right into your ears. BACON FOREVER!!!


Episode 21 True Confessions


The Threeway Dancers have returned with a BRAND NEW episode focusing on putting yourself out there.  We are doing it like The Body and being Truth Tellers.  This one is a tad music focused but we also make some food-centric confessions.  So sit back, relax by the hi-fi and listen to feathers being ruffled.


Episode 20 Sizzlin Summer Sampler


Brand new episodes of Total Combined Weight are shooting down the pipe at you in a jiffy but until then, enjoy this compilation episode. First up, a little bedroom radio catch up from master control featuring a show first solo taste test. Then enjoy some choice popper cuts dug up out of the vault. We do it because we love the broadcasting business.


Episode 19 Beverages


Wet yer whistles with the TCW three pack of tall boys (on sale no less).  Today we get into drinking, a sentence Bill W frowns upon.  But Cowboy Bill W would absolutely love it with that sweet tooth of his!  We talk juice in boxes and powdered formats, soda addiction, the seltzer wave, John Daly’s pure hatred of drinking water, and fucken of course beer.  So pop open some pop and let us pop you! Cheers!


Episode 18 BBQ


The trio who could shut down the Rio (buffet) have once again drizzled and slow cooked onto your path for a discussion about Barbin’ and grillin’.  We break down regional styles, share stories of European mustard horniness and so much more.  You are gonna be hungry after this one and we happen to know a place with unlimited vanilla soft serve.


Episode 17 Listener Feedback


Your favorite three idiots swoop back into your air conditioned lives with an episode devoted to listener feedback and general show housekeeping. If nothing else, we are proudly a show for the people, by the people. People who stand in bewilderment at coconut bacon and carob chocolate.


Episode 16 Television

80s tv

On this very special episode of TCW, all three of us do something horrendous to one another but are brave enough to talk about it and use the opportunity to teach.  And we discover Josh’s musical gifts in hand-farting and TV theme song recall.  All this and so much more on this extra long deep dive into the old Boob Tube.


Episode 15 Fast Food


The Triple Cheeseburger of podcasts returns with a real gourmand’s episode.  We are  gabbing fast food: our habits, our favorite establishments, Del Taco patriotism, our favorite beef flavor chemical engineers- all the good stuff.  Join us on a trip through the drive-thru and we can even share coupons!


Episode 13 Action Movie Stars


They just don’t make ’em like they used to.  The fellas have gathered again to talk about the lost art of the proper Action Movie but more importantly, the alpha male martial (and con) artists that drove them.  Stay tuned to the end of the episode for a special musical treat! (or be aware to turn it off if Jesse “The Body” Ventura Sci Fi Themed Death Metal isn’t really an interest to you… as impossible of an opinion as that is)


Episode 12 Meat


Today we take a first crack at a topic near and dear to our damaged hearts, meat.  The hard shit, the real deal, the star of the whole show, Jack.  Join us on a discussion that zigs and zags between steak preparation opinions, turkey sammies, and hookers being eaten by farm pigs.


Episode 11 Donuts


Friggin’ donuts!  The ‘Tastemakers Who’ll Need Pacemakers’ gather together to discuss these joyous round wonder wheels.  And bars.  And Twists.  Old fashioneds. Maple. Man, maple is so good.  Hungry.  Donuts.


Episode 10 Pizza


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There is a reason that pizza was your favorite food as a kid. It is a universal truth. On today’s episode, the Triumvirate of Taste and Talent put their heads together for a conversation on mankind’s finest work, with extra cheese.


Episode 9 Talkin’ Poops

jeff daniels poop

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On Today’s intellectually stimulating program, join three scholars trade wit over the timeless subject of poop.  Shitting yourself as an adult, techniques, and many more positive stories and high brow experiences are shared for public constipation.  And you are quite welcome.


Episode 8 Wrestler Encounters In The Wild


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On today’s episode, The Freebirds of podcasting tell stories of meeting pro wrestlers out in the regular world. Even if you aren’t a big wrestling fan, we are sure you will find enjoyment (and a little heart warming on the back end) hearing us embarrass the everloving shit out of ourselves with tales of starstruck, mortal terror, mistaken identity and so much more.


Episode 7 Hot Pockets Around The World


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On today’s output, we go for broke and lay it all on the line regarding pocket form factor foods. The golden emperor is without a shadow of a doubt the Hot Pocket but we take an audio world tour to discuss other pocket foods. So punch in 2-0-0 on the old microwave and wait (or not for those of us with mouth calluses) for it to appropriately cool.


Episode 6: The Cereal Draft


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On today’s episode, the Trifecta of Taste take a deep dive into one of life’s most thrilling topics: breakfast cereal.  We assemble a draft of the finest sugary morning (afternoon/night) offerings.  Mascots, tie-in cash grabs, after-milk (TM) and much more are covered here and its all part of a balanced breakfast (lunch/dinner)!


Episode 5: KISS Klass


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On today’s special episode (not like Wesley Goes Camping  from Mr. Belvedere special- to be clear), The two elders of the Power Triad make an effort to educate the young pup on why KISS is just the absolute best.  Strap on the platform boots and paint those faces up, KISS Klass is in session.

Also, Josh made this a mere seconds ago so if you see it somewhere, its a TCW original:




Episode 4: Scoots N Shakes


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We hope everyone’s holidays weren’t bullshit.  Sincerely.  On to more pressing matters and speaking of the hi-speed shits, the TCW Braintrust are back at it.  On this episode we discuss liquor store do’s and don’ts (DO read expiration dates, DON’T ignore those dates).  Fruit gets called out for being gross. An impromptu milkshake ranking gets divisive. All this and so much more.


Episode 3: Hot Food Bars, Weed, and Tipping


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Today’s episode is a bit of a potpourri of sorts.  The dudes tackle the importance, impact, and downright mysticism of the hot food bar inside grocery stores.  Then we take a dive into the culture around weed- Brock isn’t a big fan. To round out the discussion, the act of tipping is dissected and absolutely no minds are changed. Enjoy!


Episode 2: Martial Sciences

On Episode 2, we discuss the Martial Arts… or as uttered in the single greatest film ever made, “Bloodsport”, Martial Sciences. Real life Kumites, Karate school bloopers, weird old ladies in Judo class, and naturally, Death Match Wrestling. Whip out your mom’s checkbook and sign up for class today- Karate uniform included!!!!


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On Episode 2, we discuss the Martial Arts… or as uttered in the single greatest film ever made, “Bloodsport”, Martial Sciences.  Real life Kumites, Karate school bloopers, weird old ladies in Judo class, and naturally, Death Match Wrestling.  Whip out your mom’s checkbook and sign up for class today- Karate uniform included!!!!

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